Monday, January 26, 2009

It's just one of those days, kid.

After thoughtful consideration, I have decided what to do about this blog.

1- Font: Ariel, "Amber and Cassie" look good in it and its easy to read, also it condenses the letters, so when we ramble (which we inevitably will,) it will look short and sweet.

2-Kids. our readers are special to me. No, we don't have any yet. So I suppose at this point they are imaginary. But not every one can have kids. Cassie and I have chosen to imagine ours. When we do have more, tangible readers, I would still like them to know who's boss. I mean, how much I love them. I feel an inherent need to give everything I like a nickname, our readers will be called kids. Unless of course they want to be called something different.

I suppose our first entires should be rather introductory.

In any case, I cannot wait to get this blog started and get some feedback and my favorite, QUESTIONS!

Also I would like to incorporate videos, photos and interviews eventually.

Happy Monday!