Wednesday, April 28, 2010

While You Wait

Good news is, we have been busy.
Bad news is, we had to put blogging on the back burner.

We started this blog because we were sick and tired of waiting for something to come our way. Also, we wanted to create a community of help, advice, support and a general sisterhood attitude. We still want work and we still want to share as much as we can. Since starting this blog, I (Amber) have gotten engaged, married (yes, Cassie was my bridesmaid!) and lost my day job in Century City (Beverly Hills), and moved to Las Vegas.
Cassie has explored new work. She has since learned painstakingly how to edit digital films, bought a professional video camera and started her own production company, Jaye Bird Productions.

Now to catch you up to speed to today!

I could literally talk about how proud I am of Cassie all day. She made a small experimental short film to practice her skills as a film maker (as well as add to her reel). She made her first documentary titled "Daddy I Do" which premiered at Idyllwild Film Festival and won Best Documentary. Her short documentary on hunger in the US, "Faces Overlooked" was featured on YouTube's homepage, AND "Daddy I Do" was accepted into the oldest, most prestigeous film festival in the world, CANNES!

Getting married forced me to put acting on hold for a year. Now that I am getting my new life
together, I cannot wait to move back to LA and pursue acting and casting.

I have made a goal board this year (It's something we try to do every New Years).
Some of my goals are:
-Pay off my AFTRA fees (check!)
-Set up a home printer/scanner for resumes (check!)
-Become SAG eligible (check!) (more on how I found out I was SAG-e on this amazing blog: )
-Get a reliable car (almost have the downpayment! My last car was totaled)
-Pay off Credit Cards (half way there)
-Learn Photoshop (I have a teacher, just not a way to get to him yet.)
-Move to LA!!!!!!!!

While I was working my butt off and saving in the desert, I had more time to search for
resources to use in the future. So I made a list of books recommended
to me by working actors, CDs, agents and friends. It's always hard to find updated, RELEVANT books
on acting out there so I hope this helps! (in no particular order:)

-Desperate Networks by Bill Carter (the inner workings of how TV works)

-The Power of the Actor by Ivana Chubbuck (Acting technique by one of the most respected ALIVE acting teachers out there)

-The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor by Larry Moss (acting)

-How To Stop Acting by Harold Guskin (acting technique)

-True and False: Heresy & Common Sense for the Actor by David Mamet (acting technique)

-A Practical Handbook for the Actor by Melissa Bruder (acting technique help)

-Acting In Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making by Michael Caine

-Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi (a great book on networking and starting your career!)

Most of the these books have been recommended to me by the fine people at the
Inside Acting podcast on itunes (it's free and if you are an actor, download NOW!)
Also a few books are from twitter followers and The Working Actress (see her amazing blog here:


PS- What are some books on acting, casting or networking, that you have read and loved?