Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Roundup

Hi kids!

It's Amber again. I've been busy busy busy! I have a few other online profiles where you can find me now:

Most of my bookings and new videos go up at my new website:
You can find me on facebook here:
You can find me on IMDb here:
And you can hit me up anytime of the day with industry questions here:

I'm still alive and working! Much more info to come. And I really appreciate the comments. I have discovered the amazing resource and inspiration that is the Working Actress. I'm saddened that she no longer regularly updates it, but it's still encouraging to flip through her ups and downs on auditioning and bookings.

What are your goals for the new year? One of mine will be to integrate blogger/tumblr and my new website.

In the mean time here are some awesome resources for those actors just arriving to LA!

That should tide you over for now, hot stuff.
XO - Amber

Cassie Jaye is still alive and gorgeous (not that it matters how ridiculously good-looking she is). She has graduated from acting and has become an award winning filmmaker. You can see her newest documentaries here. You can find her on twitter here.