Monday, March 9, 2009


Auditions suck.

Lets just understand that. I don't think anyone is ever good at being judged. I have noticed recently that I have been nervous at auditions. That isn't typical, so I started to wonder why. Why was my heart beating fast and my face g
etting red right before I delivered my lines? 
Well, to start I have not been consistent. I have been working full time at my day job for the past couple months. While I do enjoy the actual MONEY I'm making there, as well as the health insurance.... I have not been auditioning! 
So my goal is to audition more often, get there EARLY (which hardly ever happens for me, I have horrible time management skills, kids
) and to take acting or auditioning classes.

I had 2 auditions this weekend, one for a short film at CSUN, and the other for a guest starring role on 90210. I didn't feel good about either one of them. You know the difference between knocking the audition out of the park and feeling great, and feeling awkward and having the CD (Casting Director) smile and say "you did a good read". Well, at this point, I'll take the sympathetic smile and work on myself.

I recently went to a free acting on camera workshop in NoHo. Now usually those "free" workshops are all about getting your info and telling you how famous you will be if you just attend their classes at the low low price of $X..... BUT this guy was actually very helpful. He talked about casting, getting started and what the casting directors read about you when you walk in the room. He also evaluated our headshots and went over our "types". Which was helpful because I had no idea what my typecast was. Apparently I am sassy, quirky, cute. Fortunatley the class and the teacher agreed that my headshot portrayed that as well. 

What do you think?

(I am also getting new headsh
ots soon, my hair is much longer now!)

For more info on the class I went to if you live in southern california (which you should if you want to act), you can check out his classes here: 

Also, if you want, we would be happy to give you our advice on your headshot and tell you what you are putting across. Sometimes it takes an outsider to tell you what you look like!

Also taking: any tips on how to kills nerves before a big audition?