Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick Tip: Camera ready

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't have much time but just to let you know we're still alive here is a quick tip for actors and actresses.
*Don't wear all white or busy prints to an on camera audition, it looks bad on camera.
Here are 2 examples from old photos of me and my man, sorry, not professional, but you get the idea. I would never wear this to an audi!!
See this fabulous-chiquita-banana dress I used to rock? You don't wanna distract from your face like this. ^
See how I blend in the white background? You will to. Chances are, you will be reading in front of a white wall.

*Stick to neutral or flattering solid colors, pink (looks good on every skin tone) blues, greens and black all usually look great. Also note unless you are a blonde you will probably look washed out in yellow. And everyone looks hung over in grey. Unless you really did get sleep the night before your big audi, avoid grey.

Hope this helps! Also I joined! If you're an exhibitionist like me, check it out, it's free:

What's your quick tip for looking better on camera?


Dana Kaminski said...

My big recommendation is to never wear anything with words. Text. It's inevitable that whoever is watching you, will be reading what your shirt says, instead of watching you.

Anonymous said...

Under-accessorize, avoid any jewelry that isn't absolutely necessary to the character. Distracting reflections, jangling sounds, and anything that draws the attention away from your face is a bad thing.

Unless of course you're auditioning for the part of a body-modded gothpunk.

Cassie and Amber said...

Good points about the text, you may think brand names will look good, but you don't want it written all over you.

Also, I'm probably guilty of having tons of bangles myself. I was reading Marie Claire today and it had a great article on interviews (which I like to read bc they can often be used for auditions too). "After you put on all your jewelry, get up, shake your arms and body. If anything makes noise or falls all over your body, take it off."

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