Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Actress Check List

Helloooo! Cassie here again. I just went to an audi this morning, and when I was in the car I was thinking how I should write a blog about all the "actress supplies" I keep in my car for any last minute audition situation. So here are some tips on things to have in your car at all times and different supplies to invest in for your acting career!

Things to keep in your car:

- Plenty of headshots in a hard folder (to keep them from getting bent)

- Plenty of UPDATED resumes already cut to 8"x10"

- A small stapler to attach your headshots to your resume and a small box of extra staples
 (I don't staple my headshot to my resume until the day of the audition because if you do it in advance, you may attach old resumes to updated headshots or vice versa, and then have to take the staple out later when you update it... so just keep them seperate until the day of your audition)

- Highlighter (for your "sides", aka script)

- Heals (you may be out running errands and all of a sudden you get a call from your agent for an audition in an hour across town. It's a sexy girl role but you're just wearing jeans and a t-shirt... add heals to any outfit and you're automatically "dressed up"... keep a black pair of heals in your car)

- Tape recorder (*optional - I use a tape recorder to memorize lines if I don't have someone else to read the other part for me. I'll tape myself reading the other part and leave a blank space for my character's lines. That way it's like I have someone else reading the lines with me. My tape recorder stays in my glove box at all times)

Actress Supply List:

- Paper / Printer / Ink 
(for your resumes and scripts, you'll be printing ALL THE TIME! Don't rely on Kinkos!)

- Headshots
(Prints usually cost a little less than $1 per photo. I think I got 100 Headshots for $75. I also have 3 different "looks" which I choose depending on the audition. I have a young/natural  smiling look for Disney and commercials; a smokey eye seductress headshot for the sexy girl auditions; and then my straight forward, no smiling, average girl-next-door for leading lady roles. Find your top 2 or 3 characters you'd be auditioning for and have your headshots reflect those)

- Paper cutter
(I invested in this within a month or 2 after moving to LA and I don't know what I'd do without it. I think it was about $20 at Office Depot and it's helped my resumes look so polished and it cuts time in half! Pun intended....)

- Business Cards
(I mentioned this in my last post, but they're very important! Mainly for networking events and while you're on set filming, not really for auditions. It doesn't matter how good, bad, or ugly you have them, as long as you have them with the correct info! Some people put their headshot on their business card, I didn't do that, I just have my name, email, and acting website. Phone number is optional. Just depends on how much info you want floating around out there. Be safe girls!)

Hope this helps! Feel free to email us if you want to add your own actress check list item! Always looking to share good tips!