Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prepping For Commercial Auditions

It's very important to do as much research as possible before every audition, but prepping for a commercial is a little different then prepping for a film or tv show.

I have a Ross Commercial audition today, and there are no sides and no explanation of what I'm going to be asked to do. So how do I educate myself before this audition? 

You Tube! Just by searching Ross commercials on I can see that ALL their commercials are just people dancing around, smiling, and having fun. So l will most likely be asked to improv something like this at my audition.

I can also see how they dress, do their hair, makeup, etc... Your image and how you present yourself at commercial auditions is one of the most important deciding factors for casting directors (next to letting your personality shine). 

I encourage you to always watch previous commercials from that company before you audition for them: iPod, Geico, Verizon, Fruit of the Loom, Doritos.... they all have different "styles" of commercials, so educate yourself!

I auditioned for this Listerine commercial before, and I had to practice swooshing mouthwash in front of a mirror... it's actually really hard! But at least I knew to practice!
Break a leg!
- Cassie